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A design focused app for Home Assistant

Intuitive home control,
visually stunning

The Ovio app combines style and functionality, tailored specifically to bring out the best in your smart home.

Control your devices

Seamless control

Optimised and tested for quick and seamless control. Activate light scenes and control multiple devices at once.

Organize your home

Clean up your digital home

Your whole home in a glance. See the status of all your devices, add new ones and manage your rooms.

Media in one tab

The beat of your home

Control your media in your home via one single tab, play and control your favourite shows and music.

Thoughtfully designed.

Designed for the whole family

Crafted considering the end user's perspective, emphasizing the delivered value rather than the technology itself. Featuring visually appealing aesthetics and captivating animations.

Security dashboard

Feel secure

Quickly view your home's activity, effortlessly manage your alarm, and secure your doors - all while not straining your eyes in the dark.

A drag & drop automations canvas

Only limited by your creativity

Effortlessly create complex automations with just a few taps and bring your ideas to reality through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Privacy guaranteed

No login or cloud required. Everything stays on your Home Assistant hub.

Quick setup

Get started within a minute, connect your Home Assistant account and enjoy

Active development

We actively listen to user feedback and frequently release improvements.